What Photography Style Would Suit You Best? 

Choosing wedding photographer is one of the most important decision you will have to make. After year or more of planning and spending lots of money on your wedding, most important thing is to enjoy it and have lots of fun and great memories.
There are lots of photographers with different styles but: 

The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself Is: 

How do you want wedding photographer to influence your day?

I dont want to be interrupted at all!

Pure documentary or photojournalistic style would be best match for you. Most of the time you will forget that there is photographer at all. With this approach, there is no “shot list” because every wedding is unique. Main focus is to capture that uniqueness, atmosphere and story of the day. Its not just about the bride and groom, its about all the moments in between which are often overlooked or not seen at all by the couple. In addition, there might be few quick group shots and maybe one or two standard portaits of the couple. 


I dont want to be interrupted, but would fancy some nice portraits and group shots.

Mixed documentary, its same approach as pure documentary but there is more time devoted to portraits and group shots. And then it also depends on what artistic abilities photographer posses to create portraits. They can feel posed a lot or just a touch so that there is still loads of personality in them. Reason why documentary photographers prefer less group shots is that they have more time to capture real life, real moments and expressions. There is lots of photographers who offer different mixture of documentary and some posed/relaxed portraits.


I dont mind being interrupted, and would like magazine like images with high visual impact.

Editorial photographer would suit you best then. Inspired by fashion photography, his presence is more felt during wedding as he might tell where to get ready because there is good light and background, to stretch your chin, might pose you during the day etc. Its not about telling the absolute truth of the day, rather than to create beautiful reflection of it. Posing people at first and then making it look that it was not posed is still posing. While lot of photographs are set up, they should not feel formal or rigid. Keep in mind that many WOW images on their websites can take some time to achieve and will keep you away from the main party.


I dont mind being interrupted often by the photographer and want lots of standard posed photographs.

Traditional photographer is the way to go. Its the oldest style of wedding photography and they work towards list of photos. Back in days, when all was done with film cameras and film was expensive, there was not much room to experiment, so that photographers worked towards “list that works”. Most of photographs from getting ready to first dance are staged. Their images should be technically perfect because they have full control over light, posing and composition. Would you cling your glasses again? Tap on the shoulder during first dance to ask couple to look at the camera and so on. Some candid images are captured as well but not a lot…


Many times when you come to photographer's websites, you will see lots of flashy set up images.
This is great if thats what you are after, but I would recommend to ask to see FULL wedding gallery, to see how important parts of the day are captured.
To see what photographer can create once he/she has no control over situation. Creating posed photos and capturing natural ones is completely different skill. Posed wow portraits create only about 5% of whole wedding coverage, so check remaining 95% of photos to make sure that you are happy with their style/look.


I have seen quite a few photographers working in different ways. Sometimes I felt sorry for the couple, watching them freezing outside in November for 45 minutes to get their photos done. Repeating same poses and often being asked to kiss and smile & dance etc. If you are aware of how long creating those WOW shots will take, and the fact that you will have to be posed and might not fancy that too much and still want them thats perfectly fine. Its your day - choice is yours how you will spend it. But please, find out how your photographer will influence your day to make sure you will enjoy it as much as you can.

You dont want unnecessary surprises on your wedding day do you? Everybody is different, there are lots of photographers who will suit you perfectly and many who will not suit at all! So how much power do you give to your wedding photographer?

The whole point of wedding - apart from getting married:) - is to enjoy it! I hope this article shed some light on what photography styles are out there and helps you find out what style would work best for you!