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How Much To Spend For Wedding Photography?

Well, first of all it depends how important photography is for you. Average cost of wedding photography in UK for 2016 was £1450 for day's coverage. Prices vary across UK with London being most expensive at £2000/day. It does not mean you have to ideally spend that much, thats just UK average. 

Wedding photographers fall into several price brackets, and its like with everything else - you get what you pay for. So lets start from the top and work our way down.  


High end / Award winning / Highly regarded photographers  - £1800+  
Highly experienced photographers who will produce amazing results no matter what and in their distinctive style. Prices can climb up to £10 000 for celebrity photographers. 

Mid-market wedding photographers -  £1000 - £1500
Experienced photographers able to produce consistent set of images in any conditions. Their work should be of a high standard and may or may not be distinctive.

Inexperienced or budget oriented photographers  - Bellow £800
A mixed bag. It may be new and talented photographer looking to build their portfolio and gain more experience, others might be experienced but not very good. At this price bracket you are taking certain degree of risk. 



So How much should you spend on your wedding photography?

There are photographers for every budget and you can even get one for free! (Somebody who just started and is looking to build portfolio). Hiring right photographer is one of most important decisions to make. I dont want to sound negative,  but your dress will be worn only once (maybe twice if you plan to do "Thrash the dress"!) Shoes will be put back into box, cake will be eaten by guests and flowers will dry after few weeks. The only thing that will last will be your photos. They should bring back all the memories from hopefully one of best days of your life. They will be only true recollection of what happened and how wedding day was like and they cannot be changed or done again!

NO two photographer are the same. They have different personalities, styles, approach, people skills, photographic vision etc. One thing that I often see is that budget for photography is set in stone. Couples are trying to stick to their budget at all costs.

Few times I have heard:
"We want to spoil are guests, so we are trying to save on photography". To me, thats recipe for disaster.


My advice:

  • Its always better to hire better photographer for shorter coverage to capture what is most important for you, rather than getting somebody average for whole day. 
  • Choose best photography style not best "package". Choosing photographer just because "package seems to have more value" (it includes album, prints etc.) is not best thing to do. Albums & prints can be bought later on, but only "investment" is photography. 

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it will help you set your ideal budget for wedding photography.