How to search for and book wedding photographer more efficiently?

It can feel overwhelming task to book wedding photographer as there are so many out there. It can take a lot of time to go through so many websites until you find right one.

My tip - dont read at first!  -  Look at images. Do they look interesting? Can you imagine yourself in them?

I would suggest to first look at portfolio to get visual idea of what photographer considers a good photo. Keep in mind that portfolio is collection of images from many weddings, not just single one. All we are looking for now is visual idea of style. If you are interested, see sample wedding or visit blog to see more pictures from same wedding. If you really like that style then ask for a quote, but dont spend too much time reading on the website. What if photographer is not free for your date? You would only waste your valuable time.


If you are concerned about costs then possibly look first at pricing to see if its within your range

You may find lots of information and different packages. There is no need to read through all of that yet, if for example you are after full day coverage just try to get rough idea how much it might be for full day or half day of coverage. Remember that you are shopping for visual style for your wedding photos, not free extras that at the end of the day might not be that exciting. Once you realise that you really like certain style (after seeing sample weddings and portfolio) then read properly whats included - album, prints,  available packages etc. I would suggest to have a little flexible budget, in case you really like some style but its a bit more than you are willing to spend.  


What many couples do wrong is that they land on website and without looking properly at photos and ask for a quote. Then they end up with lots of quotes and it can be waste of time. There is no need to contact photographer just based on price. Having 10 quotes is confusing. Also make sure to regularly check your spam folder as many times emails might end up there, especially if you are using hotmail account


Start as soon as possible

It might take more time to find right photographer if you are not booking long enough in advance - (12-18 months) as popular dates get booked up quickly.          I would suggest to look at photographer as soon as you have your date and venue sorted.

After visiting few websites you should start getting idea of what you would like. There are lot of photography styles that you will not find appealing. Keep in mind that you are shopping for visual style. Photos can be reprinted at any time, but your wedding will never be photographed again.


Would you like to find out more about my visual style? Please look at options bellow.