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Your Unique Wedding Story - Your Unique Wedding Memories


"We dont like our photos taken"

I have heard this so many times. I dont like mine taken either.
You look your best when you are natural & dont know that you are being photographed. Those are moments that I am waiting for.


Couples say that they often forgot that I was there...

I am experienced, friendly and easy going. In my approach 80% of success is observation. I always ask myself: 
What is about to happen and how can I capture it in visually interesting way?
But I am not hidden in shadows, I am part of your wedding day. It's skill on its own to be around people without being intrusive. 


Bride: “I have never done this before, what do you want me to do?”

This is what bride often asks when I arrive to capture her getting ready...
“Well, just have fun and do what you would normally do as if I was't here. Just enjoy your day.”
It's really that simple. I will use my observation skills and experience to create natural looking photos that will capture your wedding story,
without being intrusive or getting in your way.  

Amazing ! Peter was a pleasure to have at the wedding. We received our pics today, speechless, absolutely beautiful. Really captured the mood perfectly. We chose him from Sydney where we live, and could not have chosen better.
Amazing Peter, thanks again !!
— Sally & Oliver

Photos that will matter -

are those that capture story of your day, all the big and small moments, laughs and tears,
as well as unique location that you choose for party of your lifetime. 

I feel lucky that capturing those unique stories is my full time job.
I do limited number of weddings each year to make sure I can put my 100% attention into each one of them.

I will take pictures that you can proudly show to future generations and will forever remind you how your wedding day was like. 

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