Engagement Photography in Nottingham

Engagement photo shoot in Nottingham or elsewhere is a great way to get used to being photographed.
Most of wedding couples have never done any type of photo shoot, so they do not know how to behave in front of the camera or what to do.

engagement photography nottingham

Relaxed Engagement Photo shoots in Nottingham

The biggest problem is that people often think they need to try to look their best, to perform during engagement photography session. I always try explain to my couples that engagement photo shoot is not much different than a walk in the park. Its about enjoying time together and having fun, nothing else. As far as they do not talk about mortgage, things will be fine :) There will be times when I tell them to stay in certain place, usually when background works well for photos, but I never micro pose or ask them to look certain way. Quite popular thing is to do during engagement shoot is to “jump on the back photo” and I have some of these photos too. But I would NEVER suggest it. My couples do whatever feels right for them, I am just taking photographs. This approach leads to much more natural engagement photos as it shows more of couples personalities and many times they really forget that I am there.

I do only few pre wedding shoots per year as most of couples who hire me to photograph their wedding either don’t like being photographed or are not interested to have engagement photography session. I actually prefer doing just few shoots per year, so that I can try to do something different and can be more creative. There are few locations that I like, but light and time of the year make them always different, so I never create same engagement photos, even if coming to same location. I also never put time limits to photography, but we usually spend together about 1,5 to 2 hours. Couples can also choose their own location & I always listen to their ideas. 

Engagement Photography FAQ.

When is the best time for engagement shoot?

Best time is couple of hours before sunset or after sunrise, as light can be really magical at that time! Because I do only few engagement shoots per year, I am willing to be very flexible with timings, so that we can get best weather possible. If forecast would suddenly change, I am more than happy to reschedule for other day, without any extra charges. 

Can we bring our dog?

Yes, no problem at all, but it must be friendly dog, because I can’t run very fast with bunch of cameras and lenses lol

What to wear for engagement shoot? 

Anything that you feel comfortable wearing. Some couples like to come dressed like for night out, while others prefer more casual clothes. Its also possible to change to different outfit during photo shoot if you like…

How much do you charge for engagement photography session?

Price is £200 and includes the following:

  • Around 40-50 High resolution photos, watermark free & ready for printing

  • Same copies of photos in lower resolution for sharing on social media

  • All photos fully retouched to the same standard as you can see on my website

  • Private & downloadable online gallery that stay online indefinitely

  • My time and dedication to create some awesome photos for you

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