Wedding photos without Bride and Groom :)

Yes, title of this post is right, bride and groom are not included in this wedding gallery:) Even thought bride and groom are main stars of wedding day, and I take loads of images of them during the day, wedding is not just about them. Most important wedding pictures are NOT those taken when couple disappears for an hour for a “photoshoot” to get images that are currently “in”. For me the most important photos are those that capture real moments, emotions & atmosphere of the day so that 20 years later couple can say -

“This is how it was, this is who we were and how we celebrated with our family and friends”

Why unposed photos should not look dated? Because the capture real life, hairstyles will change, the way people dress will change too, but emotion will always be real and never lose its value. It will always have the power to take people back in time. 

I am not against doing portraits of bride and groom at all. I usually spend about 15 minutes with couple to get few relaxed images if they request them, but thats not why I do documentary wedding photography. Apart from capturing important moments that involve bride and groom,  I always look to create bigger picture and capture things often not seen or forgotten by the couple, like images bellow..