About Me

Hi and welcome to my website. I am Nottingham wedding photographer covering whole UK. I bought my first camera 10 years ago because I went for a holiday, took few snaps while away and put it back in the draw for few months. At that time, taking photos was about preserving the memories, point and click, without any clue about light, composition etc. I did not fell in love with photography on my first holiday, it was travelling what became my passion and I started taking more and more trips abroad, with highlight being 9 months long travels in Asia. Thanks to travelling photography became my favourite hobby. I started taking it further by studying more about all aspect of photography, experimenting with portraits, studio lightning etc. I spent hours learning how to pose and use flash just to come to conclusion that I don’t like it and sold most of my studio gear. It was not until I started experimenting with street photography I found passion for observing and photographing people naturally, without getting noticed. That was the reason why I started photographing weddings. They are all about people, often hectic and always packed with emotion. I dont see myself as wedding photographer, I like capturing life. Weddings, street and travel photography, local events etc. Its all about people for me. Feel free to browse through my favourite street and travel images bellow.